who we are 

On a dimly lit street in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, there’s a room that hums and crackles with the sound of instruments being plugged in. Dozens
of guitar pedals scatter along the floor breathing life into new songs, all fueled with twenty years of inspiration from the early 90’s shoegaze scene. The amplifiers shelve handwritten notebooks filled with random thoughts, poetry and melodies, all creating a continuous need to conjure songs that have only held a faint pulse for years. The room becomes electrified. It reverberates and swells with bleeding harmonics of lush guitars sounds, rich bass tones and warm inspiring vocals. Appeal to Heaven has come to life; fusing a new cinematic, dream pop auditory experience.

Appeal to Heaven (Jeff Carson, Victor MA Nash, Jeff Ward) is an exploration into a creating music with passion, music that is big, beautiful, cinematic and timeless. It's important for a song to speak for itself and carry a unique footprint. Everyone has a song to sing, something inside us all that is weighted by heartbreak, a loving memory, and a truth. Music is the one true language of the world and the heart; where words fail, music speaks.

Officially formed in Spring of 2015, members of Appeal to Heaven have been close friends for decades and now have begun to nourish their roots as musicians and songwriters. A spark has now lit a fire from deep hibernation and has
ignited two five song EPs, “To Say” & “Embrace”.

Each album compliments each another. “To Say” is a collection of songs that speak to having a voice, something to now passionately say to the world. “Embrace” speaks to our resolve, our introspective nature, defining the road we are on and where we are heading. Both EP’s were carefully crafted to tell a collective story of who Appeal to Heaven is. Each song is a moment in their lives, an emotion, valued and now released to the world.

With all the tragic loss in the world, it’s important for music to define those emotional moments in time, a way to reflect and offer some sort of comfort and resolve. It’s a way for pain to transcend into something inspirational. Seeing the beautiful faces of the children tragically killed in the Sandy Hook School shooting gave birth to the last two tracks on each of Appeal to Heaven’s debut releases. 

“When the Angels Come – Ascension” and “When the Angels Come – Parousia” is a step towards fusing a cinematic approach to modern music, a new experience of what music can become. Each song is a story about lost souls in search of light, waiting to be rescued, guided.

As long as we feel, music is how we will define it. Music in itself transcends genre. The influences each of us have and the stories we each want to tell never end with a period, only a comma. There is always more to give and less to take. Appeal to Heaven have fueled their passion for originality and have begun to set themselves apart in a world full of trends.  

“To Say” & “Embrace” is just the beginning for what has always been a desire to offer something more… an Appeal to Heaven.